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Benaras is a sacred city inhabited on the bank of river Ganga. In Benaras it is a custom to perform last rites of the dead bodies on bank of pious river Ganga. Even from the distant places surrounding Benaras, dead bodies are brought here. Revered father of Guru Ravidass Ji grew very old. He fell ill and died. Guru Ravidass Ji called his neighbors for performing last rites.

Guru Ravidass Ji along with his companions carried the dead body to the bank of the river where last rites of dead bodies are performed. The Brahmans forbade on the plea that water of river Ganga flows from the spot towards the main city where Brahmans take bath and they would be polluted. Guru Ji felt very much harassed. They again carried the dead boy to a distant place named Nagwa on bank of the river where Brahmans were not likely to be defiled by untouchability. The last rites were performed on dead body of revered father of Guru Ravidass Ji at that spot. They prayed peace of the departed soul. At this time due to spiritual power of Guru Ji there was thunder. Water of river Ganga flowed reverse and a strong wave sprang up towards the dead body and washed away and immersed all the mortal remains. From that moment, at this spot reverse flow of Ganga water continued. Reverse flow of river water took place due to spiritual power of Guru Ravidass Ji.

At this pious place at Nagwa, a fascinating ‘Guru Ravidass Smark and Park’ have been set up. Guru Ravidass Ghat is also proposed to be built on the bank of the river quite adjacent to the park.

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