The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
Guru Ravidass Ji had not accepted the God’s offer of Philosopher’s stone earlier. Once again God visited the place of Guru Ji. He told Guru Ji that large number of devotees visit him daily. There is dire need of running of free community kitchen and a good sarai accommodation for the pilgrims. It is said that a large number of devotees, kings, courtiers used to visit the place of Guru Ji. You need money for all these facilities for the followers. You will, therefore, be getting 5 gold coins daily. Thereafter, 5 gold coins were found daily at Guru’s place. A splendid Satsang Bhawan, residential accommodation and Dharamshala were constructed. Community kitchen was also run. Mandir Mehal kya bahutera Jahan tahan bhagtan ka dera. Satsang is as necessary now as it was in olden times. All of us should attend satsang and adopt sacred teachings of Guru Ravidass Ji.

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