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Guru Ravidass Ji was an institution in himself. He wanted to make amends in the social and religious system. He set out for spreading his teachings to far off places. Guru Ji travelled to distant places to spread his message. Due to discrimination the spots built in his memory have been destroyed. Today there is no remnant showing his visit to any distant place. He not only wrote amritbani but also travelled all corners of the countries, as below, to make common man understand his philosophy of removing caste system, discrimination, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, illusion.

Udasi – 1

1. Ranipur, Malpi, Maadhopur, Bhagalpur, Naraingarh, Kalpi and Nagpur.
2. Barhanpur, Bijapur and Bhopal.
3. Chandehi, Jhansi, Toad, Bundi,Udaipur.
4. Jodhpur, Ajmer, Bombay.
5. Amarkot, Hyderabad, Kathiawar, Bombay.
6. Bombay to Karachi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bahawalpur.
7. Kalabagh, Kohat, Darra Khaibar, Jalalabad.
8. Jalalabad to Kafirstan, Srinagar.
9. Dalhousi to Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur to Kashi

Udasi – 2

           Kashipur to Gorakhpur, Partapgarh,Shahjahanpur. Then he proceeded up to Himachal mountains. All the devotees accompanying him were asked to go back to their places. He directed that henceforth his son would initiate the disciples and that he would come back after a long time. Guru Ji was instrumental in bringing about many revolutionary reforms in society. The age old unhealthy rituals and traditions were abandoned. Large number of sinful bodies were blessed who started their fresh pious lives. When they were shown the right path even the religious hard core fanatics repented and begged apology. Many patients struggling for life and death were cured. Whosoever came to his shelter, all were emancipated and they became pious

Udasi – 3

           Satguru Ravidass Ji travelled to Arabs countries also. He held dialogues with chiefs of various religions and innumerable persons were blessed with the powers he had. We find mention
of various places in Guru Ji’s bani. In shabad ‘Begumpura sehar ko naon’ there is mention of Abadaan . As per mahan kosh of Bhai Kahan Singh it is a famous place in Iran. It indicates that Guru Ji visited Arab country also. He visited Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arab, Madina and Mecca and Afghanistan. In his journey to all these places large number of muslims became his disciples. Some monuments might have been erected in Guru Ji’s memory by his followers in these countries. But these could not have been maintained.

Travel to Himachal and Sirdhar Parbat

           There is mention in Guru Nanak Dev Janam Sakhi that Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with Bhai Bala and Mardana visited Himachal and Sirdhar Parbat. Bhai Bala and Mardana asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji if any body else has also visited this place before them. Guru Nanak Dev Ji told them that Guru Kabir Ji and Guru Ravidass Ji have visited his place. As such Guru Ravidass Ji, visited Himachal and Sirdhar parbat also. Virtually Guru Ravidass Ji travelled
entire India and Arabian countries. There is, however, utmost need of research work in travels
of Guru Ji.
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