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Kumbh festival was held at Haridwar on the bank of the river Ganga. Pandit Ganga Ram set out to attend this festival. On the way he visited Guru Ravidass Ji at Benaras and paid homage to him. On being asked by Guru Ji he apprised him that he was going to attend Kumbh festival at Haridwar. Guru Ravidass Ji gave one Damri (small coin) to Pandit Ganga Ram with the direction that he should offer this Damri to Ganga Mata only if she accepts it by taking her hand out of water. He was amazed at the unprecedented condition. However, he took the Damri and went away to Haridwar. He thought in his mind that since time immemorial innumerable devotees have offered money, gold and silver ornaments and other precious jewels but Ganga Mata has never accepted these offers by taking out her hand. This was something impossible and unheard of. He took it very lightly. At Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar, after taking his bath, Pandit Ganga Ram said his prayers and started his journey back home. The Pandit had forgotten to offer Damri of Guru Ravidass Ji to Ganga Mata. Soon his way back home the Pandit felt giddy and fainted and sat down. He fell asleep. He realized that he had forgotten to offer Damri to Ganga Mata. As he woke up, he immediately went back to the holy river.

Pandit Ganga Ram spoke loudly towards the river not believing that he would get any response. He uttered that Ravidass Ji has sent a Damri to her. But it is to be given only if it is accepted by taking out your hand. At this, Ganga Mata lifted her right hand out of water and accepted Damri sent by Guru Ravidass Ji, leaving the Pandit in the shock. In return, Ganga Mata gave a golden Kangan (bangle) to Pandit Ganga Ram and asked him to give it to Guru Ravidass Ji as her gift. Pandit Ganga Ram came back home and gave the Kangan to his wife instead of giving it to Guru Ravidass Ji.

After a few days, at the instance of his wife, he went to the market to sell the precious Kangan as he was in great need of money. Jeweler was astonished to see the precious Kangan. He had never seen such a bangle before. He apprehended the mischief and passed on the bangle to the king that Pandit Ganga Ram had stolen it from somewhere. The king showed the beautiful bangle to his queen. She liked it very much and insisted for one more matching kangan of same type. The Pandit was helpless. The king directed him to arrange one matching bangle, failing which he would be punished. Pandit Ganga Ram broke down and narrated the whole episode as to how he got this bangle. He requested the king and queen to accompany him to Guru Ravidass Ji for the purpose. When they reached there, Guru Ji extended a hearty welcome to them. Pandit Ganga Ram narrated the whole tale of bangle to Guru Ji and repented for the perfidious act and humbly sought forgiveness. He also implored that a matching bangle is needed by the king and the queen.

Mun changa to kathauti mein Ganga

(If mind is pure, the Ganga flows in the small earthen shallow pot).

Broad minded Guru Ji asked them to see in the earthen shallow pot. To their amazement, river Ganga was flowing and there were innumerable bangles floating in it. Guru Ji asked them to identify the matching bangle. All this shook their spirit. They were fascinated and highly impressed by the spiritual power of Guru Ji that they became his followers. They listened evening religious discourses and went back home singing the praise of Guru Ravidass Ji.

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