The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
Guru Ravidass Ji was well wisher of human beings. He never discriminated between anybody on any ground. He preached sat margin his religious discourses. He became famous amongst the people. People of all varnas and castes became disciples of Guru Ravidass Ji. Piran Ditta Mirasi did not like increasing fame of Guru Ji. One day Piran Ditta Mirasi called a meeting of his favourites. They planned to kill Guru Ravidass Ji. On some pretext Guru Ji was called to the Sabha. When Guru Ji arrived, some started hot talk with him. Guru Ji argued with them as to why they were talking rough with him without any reason. Some of them suddenly jumped over Guru Ji to kill him. At this Guru Ji remembered God and recited shabad:

Ram gusaaeaa jeea ke jeewnaa
Moh na bisaar(u) mai jan tera (Rahaao)
Meri har(u) bipit jan krhu subhaaiee
Charan na chhaadao sareer kaljaaiee
Kaho Ravidass parao teri sabha.
Beig milhu jan karu na bilanma

As soon as Guru Ji humbly and devotionally recited above shabad there was dazzling light in the sky. All members of the Sabha started seeing appearance of Guru Ji on all sides.

They all were confused and scared. At the same time Guru Ji was seen blowing conch-shell at his house. Guru Ji was rescued by God. They failed in their plan. The Sabha members repented on their action and begged apology from Guru Ji. The sacred place of occurrence of this incident is located towards Ganga near Lotu Baba Pir at Seer Govardhanpur Varanasi.

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