The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
Sikandar Lodhi was the ruler of Delhi. He was very cruel towards Hindus and their traditions. He even converted a large number of Hindus to Islam. The Pandits saw Guru Ravidass Ji dressed like a Hindu (Brahman) and reported it to the king. The king ordered his soldiers to put Ravidass Ji in prison and had him locked up. As usual Guru Ji was in meditational mood. It so happened that locks of the jail broke away automatically. Soldiers were amazed to see all this. Guru Ji was seen moving freely outside the jail inspite of strict supervision by the soldiers. All this was brought to the notice of king. The king realized his high-handedness and set Guru Ji free from prison. He begged apology from him. Thereafter, the king never interfered with Guru Ravidass Ji’s affairs.

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