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According to Hindu scriptures, worship of God was the sole right of Brahmins only. On the contrary Shri Guru Ravidass Ji, who belonged to Chamar caste, also started worship of God. He started blowing conch-shell and ringing the bell. He was enlightened and had realized God. He simplified mode of worship and discarded rituals. His religious discourses were most convincing and truthful. As a result, cutting across caste barriers, large number of people became his followers. All this irked the Brahmans. It was a challenge not only to their priestly supremacy but an adverse impact on their source of livelihood also. Brahmans forbade him from worshipping God. But he did not relent and took worship as his birth-right. At last Brahmans approached the then Kashi Naresh Hardev Singh and complained against Guru Ravidass Ji for practicing worship of God. Guru Ravidass Ji was summoned to appear in the court of the king. Guru Ji explained in the court that worship is everybody’s right and that he is the truthful worshipper of God. The Pandit priests and Guru Ravidass Ji were asked to bring their Thakur (Idol) whom they worshipped, to the river Ganga on the appointed day. Only that party will be adjusted as the true worshipper whose Thakur floats in the river.

Brahman priests and Guru Ravidass Ji arrived at Rajghat of the river Ganga as directed by the king. The Pandits had brought small Thakur stones wrapped in the cotton. But Guru Ravidass Ji was stoutly carrying a 40 kg heavy-weight square stone on his shoulders with unshakeable confidence. A huge crowd of residents of Benaras gathered on Rajghat of river Ganga to witness the fateful and decisive event. The king and the courtiers also reached the spot. The Brahman priests who were the aggrieved party were given first turn to float their Thakur stones in the river. All the tall fleshy, head shaven, Janju (thick thread) wearing and Tilak applied Brahman priests blew conch-shells and fumbled Vedic Mantras and gently placed their Thakur stones in the river one by one. To their great dismay, all their Thakur stone gently sank down deep into the water. All of them bowed down their heads. The on-lookers were stunned to see the sinking Thakurs of Brahmans. 

Then was the turn of Guru Ravidass Ji, He lifted his heavy-weight stone on his shoulders. There was thaw. All eyes were focused on Guru Ji and the stone he carried. Curiosity prevailed. It was a decisive moment. In case his stone also sinks, there will be further gloom for the lowly. Guru Ji closed his eyes and stood erect. His face blushed and with all humility he prayed to God.

Meri sangat poch soch din raati
Mera karam kutilta janam kubhati.
Raam gosaeeaa jeea ke jeewnaa
Mohi naa bisaarho main jan tera. (Rahaao)
Meri haro vipt jan karo subhaaiee
Charn naa chhadoo sareer kall jaaiee.
Kaho Ravidass pario teri saabha.
Beig milho jan karu naa bilanbaa.

At this moment there was dazzling light in the sky. All the on-lookers expected something miraculous. Guru Ji moved ahead to the water and gently placed the stone in light-blue transparent water of the river. To great astonishment of the on-lookers the stone (Pathri) floated majestically. Guru Ji gently smiled and thanked God for coming to his rescue. There was spontaneous applause from the viewers.

The Pandits had failed in the test. They had been proved false worshippers. The on-lookers made a mockery of the Pandits. The king announced victory of Guru Ravidass Ji as a Truthful worshipper. All respectfully fell at his feet. Guru Ravidass Ji was seated in a golden palanquin and moved in a procession in the city. The minds of the masses were changed and they developed regard for him and the lowly. They were blissful after having glimpses of Guru Ji.

A gala-function was organized after sometime in the honour of Guru Ravidass Ji to celebrate his victory. He was seated at a raised cushioned and beautiful seat decorated with jewels. All the courtiers, diwans, intelligentsia, chieftains and selected people former the gathering. All spoke high of Guru Ravidass Ji. The king and member of his family instantly became followers of Guru Ji. At the end of the functions sweets were distributed. The people touched sacred feet of Guru Ji and went back home singing his praise. This event was recorded in the annals of court in calligraphic golden letters.

It was an unprecedented and eventful day for the untouchables. New glorious history was created for them on that fateful day. Truth had come out victorious against falsehood. False beliefs had been belied!

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asi yaaran de haan yaar sanu kahnde ya chamar (royal chamar)

1/17/2014 06:17:28 pm

Jo Bhole So Nirbhay Guru Ravidass Maharaj ki Jai


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