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The Hindu religious books have put a bar on the so-called Shudras from worshipping God. The Shudras were not allowed to wear the Janju (Sacred thick thread), put mark (Tilak) on forehead and observe other religious practices. Guru Ravidass was born to face the brunt. He started wearing Janju, put Tilak (religious mark) on forehead and wearing Dhoti like that of Pandits. He also observed other practices which were peculiar to the Brahmans only. All this was taken very ill by the Pandits. In the beginning they tried to impress upon Guru Ravidass Ji not to resort to the practices followed by them. But Guru Ji would not agree. He told them that they were wearing false Janju.

Aggrieved by the intransigent attitude of Guru Ravidass Ji, the Brahmans brought to the notice of the king, the religious practices followed by Ravidass Ji which are peculiar to the Brahmans only. The King was furious on this issue. He sent for Guru Ravidass Ji appeared in the court of the king. The Brahmans too had come in large numbers. The issue of wearing Janju (sacred thick thread) was discussed. Brahmans said that as per Hindu scriptures, Janju is to be worn by the Brahmans only. Ravidass being untouchable should stop wearing it. Guru Ravidass Ji told the king that it has falsely been written in the scriptures that non-brahmans will not wear Janju. It is injustice with others. However, he will stop wearing Janju on one condition. The Pandits would show him what he was just going to show to the king.
Guru Ji took out a Rambi (knife) and pushed it into his chest making four-inch long cut. Blood blew profusely. There was a pool of blood on the floor. He pulled out four Janjus from his chest-one of gold, second of silver, third of copper and fourth of thread- signifying his wearing these Janjus in Satyuga, Treta, Duapper and Kalyuga. This also demonstrated that the untouchables are pure, truthful and innocent. The Brahmans cut a sorry figure. Their faces turned pale. Understanding the reality, the king fell on the feet of Guru Ji and begged apology for the harassment caused to him. A broad-minded Guru Ji forgave him. At the end of the event, Guru Ji told the king and the gathering that in fact Janju has no significance in attainment of God. He wore it only to demonstrate its futility and to show the right path to the Brahmans. Guru Ji took off his Janju and gave it to the king. Thereafter, he never wore any Janju as such.

The pains taken by Guru Ravidass Ji to wrest human rights should not be allowed to go unfelt and unsung. It should further kindle the spirit to continue the pace. Blood flowed from his chest may energise blood of the generations to tread his foot-prints and thrill the era.

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2/9/2017 10:41:05 pm

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