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Saintly persons belong to entire mankind. They do not represent any single caste or creed. They cherish universal well-being; and persuade humanity to follow the path of Truth and Equality. Guru Ravidass Ji was a reputed enlightened saint of medieval Age. Influenced by the truthfulness of his sacred sermons of worship of God, devotees from all castes became his disciples. After having learnt of his fame as an Emancipated saint, a wealthy Seth visited his place to hear his religious discourses. On that day Guru Ji threw light on importance of human birth. It was elucidated that our rare birth is a result of our benevolent deeds in our previous life.

Dulabh janam pun phal payo

The Almighty should, therefore, be worshipped to enlighten our this life. Other than his Name all show of rituals is false.

At the end of Sat Sang (religious discourses) Guru Ji distributed nectar from shallow earthen pot lying near his seat. It was offered to rich Seth also. On observing it as dirty water, he threw nectar behind his head and back instead of drinking it. It fell partially on his clothes and partially on the floor.

The gathering dispersed. The Seth came back home. Thinking that his clothes had been spoiled and polluted by dirty water given by Guru Ravidass Ji, he took off the clothes and donated to a poor man who was suffering from leprosy.

The poor man wore the clothes donated by the Seth. The clothes bore blots of nectar given by Guru Ravidass Ji to the Seth. The poor man felt soothing effect on his body as soon as he put on the clothes. The wounds of leprosy started healing up. He started having sound sleep at night. In a short period, the poor man became completely healthy as if he had never suffered from the disease. On the other hand, leprosy developed on the body of the Seth. He got lot of treatment from highly qualified and experienced Vaids and Hakims but the disease continued becoming serious. The wounds of leprosy became wet. Continuous intense pricking pain upset the psyche of the Seth and plunged him in gloom. He sat alone and pondered as to whether the disease was due to disgrace of the saint. He went to Guru Ravidass Ji and apologized for throwing nectar on his earlier visit. Guru Ji forgave him. He got relief from the disease automatically within a few days. Thereafter, the entire family of the Seth became Guru Ji’s disciples.

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