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Shri Jasbir Singh Sabar, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar has mentioned on Page 71 of his book “Bhakt Ravidass” that the dialogue being narrated is written at Page 463, 466, 487 of manuscript Sikh Reference Library Amritsar written in Samvat 1786. Alwadi was king at Benaras. The qazis were jealous of increasing popularity of Satguru Ravidass Ji. They complained to the king that a chamar is preaching religious tenets. Many persons have become his disciples. On their instigation king Alawadi called Guru Ji to his court. Guru Ji was seated beside the seat of the king. Beside several persons of Guru Ravidass’s community carrying leather on their heads also accompanied Guru Ravidass Ji. The king felt foul smell of leather. The persons carrying leather were beaten and expelled from the court yard.

The king asked Guru Ravidass Ji that you were initiating others as your disciples, show some miracle. Guru Ji said that miracle has already been shown. He told that “I was worshipping God by chanting His Naam, you have seated me by your side although I am also Chamar whereas you have expelled others of my community from your darbar.”

Naagar Janan meri jaat(i) bikhiaat Chamaarun Ride raam govind gun saaran.
Guru Ji told, “O! residents of Benaras I am Chamar by caste. I am seated near the seat of the king in darbar because I am worshipping God whereas my companions carrying leather had been shunted out.”

Sursari salal krit baaruni re
Sant jan karat nahi paann
Suraa apviter nat awar jal re
Sursari milat nahi hoie aann.
If alcohol is prepared out of Ganga water, it
is disliked. When alcohol is prepared with well
water and thrown in Ganga it mixes with Ganga
water. It is worshiped.
Tar tar(i) apviter kar(i) maaneeaai re
Jaise kaagaraa karat bichaarn
Bhagat(i) bhaguot likheeaai tih(i) uoopre
Poojeeai kar(i) namaskarn
Leaves of TAR tree are considered impure.
But when paper is prepared out of Tar leaves
and God’s praise is written on this paper, every
body bows before it.
Meri jaat(i) kut bandhla dhor dhouwanta
Nith(i) baanaarasi aas paasaa
Ab bipar pardhan tih(i) karih dhanduout(i)
Tere naam sarnaaie Ravidass daasaa.

I am cobbler by caste. People of my caste still carry away dead bodies around Benaras every
day. Since I worship God, I am divinely emancipated. Even the distinguished pandits lay
flat before me in reverence. After hearing all this, the king was highly impressed and gave gold chowki and large sums of money to Guru Ji. The qazis again complained to the king that Ravidass Ji has disregarded the offerings given to him. He had distributed entire money to the destitutes and threw gold chowki in the Ganga. The king felt angry. He again called for Guru Ravidass Ji and asked all about the gold chowki. The king insisted to return him the same gold chowki. Guru Ji took the king to the Ganga. He spoke to Ganga that his gold chowki may be given back to him. Ganga threw seven gold chowkis out in a strong wave. The king
said that his is only one chowki, how it is that these are seven chowkis. Guru Ji told the king
that in a single day one gold chowki has multiplied to seven chowkis. Had it remained there
for more days it would have multiplied manifold. All these would have been for your comfort.
Since the original gold chowki has been taken back from the Ganga, nothing will increase
now. The king realised his blunder and begged apology from Guru Ravidass Ji. He bowed to
the sacred feet of Guru Ravidass Ji in reverence and scolded the Qazis.

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