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Satguru Kabir Ji, Satguru Namdev Ji, Satguru Tirlochan Ji and Satguru Dhanna Ji were asked by God to visit Satguru Ravidass Ji and convey him that he has attained supreme emancipation and that he will he called to sachkhand after 21 days. All these saints came to Guru Ji. He humbly welcomed and offered them seats. Guru Ji served them well. They told Guru Ji that God has ordained him 21 days more in this world, and they went away. Guru Ji was at Benaras. Members of his family relatives and devotees were told all about the message of God. On the 21st day Guru Ji had a bath early in the morning and meditated. He mystically chanted the pious Name of God and mingled with Him on Asarh Sakranti of Bikrami Samvat 1584 (1528 A.D.) Banaras. His followers remember him devotionally and get inspiration from his teachings. He was successful in bringing about sea change in the social and religious thought. His teachings and amritbani are as truthful and valid today as these were during his era and will continue to guide humanity in future.

As a result of his victory in Battle of Panipat in 1526 Babur was the first Mughal King who occupied throne in Delhi. He had brutally massacred lakhs of innocent bodies. However, whatever he did, he did in the name of God. During the course of advance in Indian Territory he came across pirs, saints, rishis also. He also heard of spiritual powers of Guru Ravidass Ji. Once he took his son Humayun along and went to see Guru Ravidass Ji. At that time Guru Ji was sitting at his place. Babur bowed at the feet of Guru Ji in reverence. Guru Ji scolded Babur for murdering innocent bodies. He asked him to shun pride. Kyon Babur hua babra, man mein adhik ghumaan Kroron prani maar kar, tu ne kiya paap mahaan. Therefore, Babur developed regard for Guru Ji. His teachings stunned Babur. In remorse he distributed money of his treasures at Delhi and Agra to the poor and destitute. Now the subjects developed respect for Babur and called him QALANDAR or FAQIR.
Sadhna Pir used to kill birds and sell their meat in the market. On the other hand Guru Ravidass Ji preached non-killing of animals. Sadhna Ji did not like his preachings. One day he came to the place of Guru Ravidass Ji and asked him to be converted to Islam as it did not observe caste system. It is a sacred religion. Guru Ravidass Ji told Sadhna Ji to shun his pride and chant God’s Name. Sadhna Ji was highly impressed with the arguments of Guru Ji and became his disciple. At some other time Sadhna Ji visited King Sikandar Lodhi and spoke high of Guru Ravidass Ji and that he had become his disciple. Sikandar Lodhi was annoyed. He called Guru Ravidass Ji through Sadhna Ji. Sikandar Lodhi was a cruel king. As Guru Ravidass Ji appeared in the court he was asked to be converted to Islam but Guru Ji refused to oblige the king. At this Guru Ravidass Ji was sent to jail. He sat in Samadhi and worshipped God. God took pity on Guru Ji. He appeared before him and talked with him. When Sikandar Lodhi visited jail in the evening, he overheard voice of God. “You have troubled my worshipper. Your dynasty will be annihilated.” The king was stunned and trembled to hear all this. He went to Guru Ravidass Ji, repented and begged his apology. He was released immediately. King Sikandar Lodhi gave a word to Guru Ji that in future he will not harass any body. Sikandar Lodhi had a precious diamond. He offered it to Guru Ravidass Ji. Guru Ji refused the offer. Guru Ji told the king that he was worshipper of Diamond- the God. Har(i) so heera chhadh(i) kai karih aan kee aas, Te nar dojak jaahige sat bhaakhai Ravidass.
Gorakh Nath heard popularity of Guru Ravidass Ji. One day Gorakh Nath visited Seer Govardhanpur, Varanasi and enquired about the place of Guru Ravidass Ji. He came to the place where Guru Ji lived. Guru Ji welcomed Gorakh Nath and offered him the seat. He thanked Gorakh Nath for having visited him. Gorakh Nath told Guru Ji that he has heard his fame. As such, he had come to see him. Gorakh Nath gave his shoe to Guru Ji to be mended. Gorakh Nath said that mending shoes is a mean occupation. You should not carry it on. I give you a precious herb. Warm it and touch any metal; it will turn the metal into gold. Construct a good house in place of the hut. Guru Ji replied that he had appeared on this earth for joining the souls which are departed from the Almighty. He cut a piece of leather. Put it at a proper place on the shoe of Gorakh Nath. He put the yarn in his mouth for readying it for sewing the shoe. As the cotton thread passed through Guru Ji’s mouth, it turned into gold. Gorakh Nath was astonished to see all this. He came to know that Guru Ravidass Ji possessed supreme spiritual powers. Ignorant people misunderstand him as lowly. He wished Guru Ravidass Ji to become his disciple. Gorakh Nath asked Guru Ji to look into his toombi. Guru Ji saw that in toombi there were jewels, diamonds, and golden Sumer Parbat. Guru Ji said that you are great. I praise you. He then asked Gorakh Nath to look into his dauri ( shallow earthen pot containing water in which leather is soaked for repair of shoes). Gorakh Nath saw viraat swaroop , jarh, chetan, Asthawar, Jangam, life, 5 elements- sky, air, fire, water, earth, Kuber, Inder, other devtas, moon, sun, stars, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiv and the Universe. Gorakh Nath became numb to see all this. His pride was shaken. He prayed to Guru Ji to be apologized. He fell on Guru Ji’s feet. Guru Ji told him that ridhian sidhian are nothing before God’s Name. God’s Name is source of all comforts. Guru Ji preached that he who mingles with God, all the godly powers appear in his palm.
Raja Chander Partap of Ghazipur had heard the fame of Guru Ravidass Ji. He attended the mass feeding function (Yagg) organized by Maharana Sangha at Udaipur where Guru Ravidass Ji was also invited. At the end of the function, Raja Chander Partap humbly prayed to Satguru Ji to pay his pious visit to his palace at Ghazipur to grace the occasion of mass feeding function. Rana Sangha assured that in case Satguru Ji wished, he would escort him to Ghazipur. Satguru Ji blessed and accepted the invitation. Meera Bai and Karma Bai would also accompany Guru Ji.

On the scheduled day Guru Ji reached the palace of Raja Chander Partap. He was received honourably by the king, his queens, courtiers and other dignitaries. He was garlanded profusely. Guru Ji was seated in the specially decorated room in the palace. A big mass feeding function (yagg) was organized in which Guru Ji participated. All neighboring kings and relatives also attended the ceremony. Next day Guru Ji came back to his place.
Satguru Ravidass Ji used to hold religious discoursed daily at Seer Govardhanpur, Benaras. Satguru Kabir JI also held satsang daily at Kabir Chaura, Benaras. Both of them often met each ther and held mutual discussions on religion, Naam, satsang, ritualism, enlightenment, saadhsangat, Hari(i), discrimination, high and low, caste system, secularism, equality, fraternity, truth, human beings and host of other topics. Shri Lekh Raj Parwana writes in his book “Sri Guru Ravidass Jeewan ate Kirtaan” that Guru Nanak Dev Ji held three counts of dialogues with Guru Ravidass Ji. Their first meeting and goshti was held at Chuharkana (Nankana Sahib) when Guru Nanak Dev Ji was still in boyhood. Five saints Kabir Ji, Ravidass Ji, Sain Ji, Peepa Ji and Dhanna Ji had travelled to Punjab for preaching religiosity. Guru Nanak Dev Ji had been given twenty rupees from his revered father Mehta Kalu Ji for a profitable deal. He spent the amount of twenty rupees in the service of the above saints and got their blessings. He deemed it as Sacha Sauda. Guru Nanak Dev Ji spiritually knew everything. He might have judged their divinity as a regard of which he served them. Father Mehta Kalu Ji scolded Guru Nanak when he learnt that the five saints belonged to low caste. Feeling it a social stigma, he slapped Guru Nanak Dev Ji and said that Guru Ravidass Ji and Guru Kabir Ji belonged to low-caste and that why had he developed his relations with them. At this Guru Nanak Dev Ji blatantly condemned jaat-paat and stoutly reacted.

Neechan andir neech jaat neecha huu at(i) neech
Nanak tin ke sang saath waddyan so kya rees.

Second goshti of Guru Ravidass Ji with Guru Nanak Dev Ji took place when Guru Ravidass Ji, along with sant-mandli, visited Punjab 125 years later. They reached Sultanpur after meeting their friends, devotees, saints and disciples. The sant smagam was fixed to be held at the spot where gurdwara Sant Ghat stands today. In this sant smagam it appears the concepts of God, formless, omniscient, omnipresent, Sach Khand (abode of God), pervading everywhere in the Universe, - were discussed. The discussion held here formed the basis of the concepts of Udasian of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which are stated to have commenced from the Sant Ghat site.

Third goshti of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was held with Guru Ravidass Ji and Guru Kabir Ji at Gopaldass di bagichi at Kashi where Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh stands today. At this meeting final shape was given to entire fabric of Bhakti Andolan in the interest of human beings. A strategy was also chalked out for smooth management of the movement. In the same visit to Benaras Guru Nanak Dev Ji discussed various divine concepts with Sant Rama Nand Ji and Swami Shankracharya Ji. Thereafter, again there was general meeting of the saints. Guru Ravidass Ji was the champion on religious and spiritual reforms in the meeting. The road map of religious, social and political reforms was prepared in this sant smagam. Millions and millions of human beings engrossed in superstitions and rituals were to be freed from its quagmire and the concept of ik om (one God) was to be taken down to the masses. The ideal of Guru Ravidass Ji was to liberate millions of human beings including scholars, saints, Sidhs, brahmans from superstitions, rituals and false and misplaced beliefs and practices and to motivate them to believe in one God. It was decided in this goshti that non-violent movement should be started for amelioration of shudras and raising their social status to equality, liberation of womanhood, removal of injustice and to raise voice against the atrocities perpetrated by the kings on their subjects.

Shri Jasbir Singh Sabar, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar has mentioned on Page 71 of his book “Bhakt Ravidass” that the dialogue being narrated is written at Page 463, 466, 487 of manuscript Sikh Reference Library Amritsar written in Samvat 1786. Alwadi was king at Benaras. The qazis were jealous of increasing popularity of Satguru Ravidass Ji. They complained to the king that a chamar is preaching religious tenets. Many persons have become his disciples. On their instigation king Alawadi called Guru Ji to his court. Guru Ji was seated beside the seat of the king. Beside several persons of Guru Ravidass’s community carrying leather on their heads also accompanied Guru Ravidass Ji. The king felt foul smell of leather. The persons carrying leather were beaten and expelled from the court yard.

The king asked Guru Ravidass Ji that you were initiating others as your disciples, show some miracle. Guru Ji said that miracle has already been shown. He told that “I was worshipping God by chanting His Naam, you have seated me by your side although I am also Chamar whereas you have expelled others of my community from your darbar.”

Naagar Janan meri jaat(i) bikhiaat Chamaarun Ride raam govind gun saaran.
Guru Ji told, “O! residents of Benaras I am Chamar by caste. I am seated near the seat of the king in darbar because I am worshipping God whereas my companions carrying leather had been shunted out.”

Sursari salal krit baaruni re
Sant jan karat nahi paann
Suraa apviter nat awar jal re
Sursari milat nahi hoie aann.
If alcohol is prepared out of Ganga water, it
is disliked. When alcohol is prepared with well
water and thrown in Ganga it mixes with Ganga
water. It is worshiped.
Tar tar(i) apviter kar(i) maaneeaai re
Jaise kaagaraa karat bichaarn
Bhagat(i) bhaguot likheeaai tih(i) uoopre
Poojeeai kar(i) namaskarn
Leaves of TAR tree are considered impure.
But when paper is prepared out of Tar leaves
and God’s praise is written on this paper, every
body bows before it.
Meri jaat(i) kut bandhla dhor dhouwanta
Nith(i) baanaarasi aas paasaa
Ab bipar pardhan tih(i) karih dhanduout(i)
Tere naam sarnaaie Ravidass daasaa.

I am cobbler by caste. People of my caste still carry away dead bodies around Benaras every
day. Since I worship God, I am divinely emancipated. Even the distinguished pandits lay
flat before me in reverence. After hearing all this, the king was highly impressed and gave gold chowki and large sums of money to Guru Ji. The qazis again complained to the king that Ravidass Ji has disregarded the offerings given to him. He had distributed entire money to the destitutes and threw gold chowki in the Ganga. The king felt angry. He again called for Guru Ravidass Ji and asked all about the gold chowki. The king insisted to return him the same gold chowki. Guru Ji took the king to the Ganga. He spoke to Ganga that his gold chowki may be given back to him. Ganga threw seven gold chowkis out in a strong wave. The king
said that his is only one chowki, how it is that these are seven chowkis. Guru Ji told the king
that in a single day one gold chowki has multiplied to seven chowkis. Had it remained there
for more days it would have multiplied manifold. All these would have been for your comfort.
Since the original gold chowki has been taken back from the Ganga, nothing will increase
now. The king realised his blunder and begged apology from Guru Ravidass Ji. He bowed to
the sacred feet of Guru Ravidass Ji in reverence and scolded the Qazis.

Karma Bai – the disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji Karma Bai was divinely enlightened lady. Karma Bai’s fame spread all around. Saints visited her place from far and near. One day a saint said, ‘Karma ! how is it that God takes meals at your home daily.’ She told while preparing meals chapattis, khichri for the God, I chant the sacred Name of God. When the meals are ready, all the items are kept in proper manner and are covered with a clean cloth. The saint told her that this is not the proper manner. She should wash wood needed as fuel, mud plaster the kitchen, bathe and then prepare meals. From next day she started the new process. One day while observing the new process, the meals were prepared late. God had to wait. God was still busy in eating khichri, Sant Rama Nand also prayed him to take meals with him. God had to go to Sant Rama Nand Ji immediately. He could not even cleanse khichri from his face and hands. Sant Rana Nand Ji enquired all about from the God. God told that he daily took Khichri at the house of Karma Bai. Today she was late in preparing Khichri. ‘I was still taking Khichri that you called me’. Hearing all this, Sant Rama Nand Ji was astonished to know that God takes meals at the house of Karma Bai! The priest went to Karma Bai and enquired on to how God comes to her house daily. She told him that while preparing meals she did simran of naam on blessings of Satguru Ravidass Ji that God takes meals at my house every day. Sant Rama Nand requested Karma Bai to pray to God to show me His appearance. Next day she requested God to let Sant Rama Nand have His darshan. God told that Sant Rama Nand is not clean at heart; he nurtures duality. She again requested that kindly do have mercy on him and bless him with your darshan. At the instance of Karma Bai God blessed Sant Rama Nand Ji with His darshan.
Guru Ravidass Ji arranged a Bhandara. Ganga Ji also appeared in the shape of an unmarried girl to take part in Bhandara. Seeing her unique beauty, the king sent a message to Guru Ji that the girl be married to him. Guru Ji told all to Ganga Ji. Ganga Ji told Guru Ji that king will
harass him. So let the king come for marriage. On the appointed day, the marriage procession arrived at the place of Guru Ravidass Ji. Fully adorned Ganga appeared. When she saw the king, she disappeared in the shallow earthen pot showing flowing Ganga. At this such a strong stream of water out-flowed from the pot that the entire marriage procession was drowned. Every body realised that it was Ganga Ji in the shape of girl who had come to seek blessings from Guru Ravidass Ji.

*Bhandara and feeding the poor. Bhandara means Auspicious food or gifted food. It is also known as Anna danam.

Guru Ravidass Ji was well wisher of human beings. He never discriminated between anybody on any ground. He preached sat margin his religious discourses. He became famous amongst the people. People of all varnas and castes became disciples of Guru Ravidass Ji. Piran Ditta Mirasi did not like increasing fame of Guru Ji. One day Piran Ditta Mirasi called a meeting of his favourites. They planned to kill Guru Ravidass Ji. On some pretext Guru Ji was called to the Sabha. When Guru Ji arrived, some started hot talk with him. Guru Ji argued with them as to why they were talking rough with him without any reason. Some of them suddenly jumped over Guru Ji to kill him. At this Guru Ji remembered God and recited shabad:

Ram gusaaeaa jeea ke jeewnaa
Moh na bisaar(u) mai jan tera (Rahaao)
Meri har(u) bipit jan krhu subhaaiee
Charan na chhaadao sareer kaljaaiee
Kaho Ravidass parao teri sabha.
Beig milhu jan karu na bilanma

As soon as Guru Ji humbly and devotionally recited above shabad there was dazzling light in the sky. All members of the Sabha started seeing appearance of Guru Ji on all sides.

They all were confused and scared. At the same time Guru Ji was seen blowing conch-shell at his house. Guru Ji was rescued by God. They failed in their plan. The Sabha members repented on their action and begged apology from Guru Ji. The sacred place of occurrence of this incident is located towards Ganga near Lotu Baba Pir at Seer Govardhanpur Varanasi.