The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
          Sometime back the idols of the mandir had come to the lap of Guru Ravidass Ji and went back to the mandir as directed by him. This was known to every body in Benaras. The Brah mans did acknowledge the divine enlightenment of Guru Ji. Even the king had become his disciple. But the Brahmans nurtured jealousy against Guru Ravidass Ji. They always talked ill of him on one pretext or the other. King Nagar Mal invited Guru Ji for lunch. Other dignitaries were also called. The Brahmans who were jealous of Guru Ji, struck a hoax with the acrobats for which heavy payment was promised. They wanted to denigrate Guru Ji in the eyes of the king and others. The acrobat was not likely to be paid liberally by the guests; and the acrobat was to talk ill of Guru Ji holding his presence responsible for their poor earnings. The acrobat started his tricks after the lunch. First of all Guru Ravidass Ji placed 10 gold mohars in their thaal. Guru Ji’s disciples and well wishers gave liberal amount to the acrobat. As a result he earned more amount than that was to be paid by the Brahmans. Instead of condemning Guru Ji the acrobat highly praised him. Wherever they went they eulogized Guru Ji. The Brahmans could not succeed in their insidious designs against the saint.

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