The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
Shri Guru Ravidass Ji held religion discourses everyday. He inspired the audience to shun discrimination on any ground. Equality and fraternity, worship of the Almighty with devotion and detachment from material belongings were the essence of his discourses. He cherished universal well-being. It was appealing to all the Hindus and Muslims alike. His fame spread all around. One Sheikh of Varanasi also heard the fame of Guru Ji. He came to the place of Guru Ravidass Ji and heard his satsang. He observed that many kings, queens and others prominent figures were also there raptly listening the satsang. He was very much impressed with Guru Ji truthful sermons having universal appeal. His many misconceptions were clarified and removed. At the end of satsang, Guru Ji distributed nectar (amrit) from his dauri (shallow earthan pot which he used for soaking leather). Its colour was brown. It was served to all those present including Sheikh. Thinking it as polluted water, he hated and threw it aside. In this process, some drops of the nectar fell on his clothes. After reaching home he took off the clothes and handed over to the maid servant for washing. The maid servant tried to wash off the blots on the clothes but these could not be removed. She put the clothes bearing blots in mouth and sucked so that the blot was removed. When she sucked the blots, she was divinely enlightened. She started talking God and heavenly bodies. Sheikh also came to know the spiritual powers of the maid servant. He enquired from her as to how she has attained all these powers. She told him that when she sucked the blots on the clothes, she became spiritually emancipated. The Sheikh repented that he had wasted and disregarded the nectar offered to him by Guru Ravidass Ji. He felt himself sinful and disgraced. He came to Guru a few days later and begged apology for throwing nectar thinking it polluted water. All the truthful saints are kind hearted. Guru Ji forgave and told him that you have missed the opportunity. However, he was initiated and asked to chant God’s Name Har(i) Har(i) Har(i). Even now those who want to be spiritually elevated should chant God’s Name Har(i) Har(i) Har(i)

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