The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji Team ©
A Brahman boy named Ram Lal was a close friend of Guru Ravidass Ji. For most of the time they remained together and played together. The Brahman boy did not observe untouchability also. He loved Guru Ji very much. The Brahmans were jealous and could not tolerate that a Brahman boy should play with an untouchable boy. They emphatically impressed upon his parents to detract their son from moving and playing with a boy of low-caste. But Ram Lal obeyed none.

The Brahmans being jealous of Guru Ravidass Ji, complained to the king about the friendship of Ram Lal (a Brahman) and Guru Ravidass Ji (an untouchable). The king called Ram Lal to the court. He was decided to be killed by throwing before a hungry lion. As such, he was thrown before a hungry lion. The lion thundered. Ram Lal cried at his high pitch and fainted. When the lion came near the boy it became calm. It looked around. Instead of killing the boy it looked frightened. It saw Guru Ravidass Ji sitting near and protecting Ram Lal. The lion bowed before Ram Lal and receded. Ram Lal came to senses. He got up and came straight to his friend Guru Ravidass Ji and thanked him for his protection from the lion.

The King and Brahmans felt ashamed. The King realized that Ram Lal has been protected by some spiritual power. The king freed him.

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