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Brahmleen Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Ji Maharaj
          Sant Sarwan Dass Ji always remained with Baba Pipal Dass Ji during his religious sojourn to various villages. He took to meditation of God at a very early age. He was bestowed with "Naamdaan" from Sant Harnaam Dass Ji. After Baba Pipal Dass Ji left for his heavenly abode in the year 1928, he started initiating the disciples of the Dera onto the spiritual path. He healed thousands of his followers through his spiritual power and free Ayurvedic medicines.

          He envisaged a great awakening and empowerment of human beings through education. Therefore, he laid great stress on the education of children. He firmly believed that those parents who do not care for the education of their children are their greatest enemy. He translated this idea in his own life by collecting children from adjoining villages in his "Kutia" and teaching them, providing them with all facilities and incentives. Those whom he taught during his life time fondly remember and revere him and are now helping generously in establishing educational and health institutions devoted to his memory.

           During Sant Sarwan Dass Ji's visit to Delhi in the year 1948 at the request of Giani Bishna Ram, S. Faqir Singh, S. Swaran Singh, S. Niranjan Singh Hothi Bal, S. Puran Singh, S Bhagat Singh, Shri Nama Ram Leel, Sant Sarwan Dass Ji used to deliver religious sermons at the residence of devotees. During his stay at Delhi, Sant Sarwan Dass Ji along with Giani Bishna Ram, went to meet Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Dr. sahib showed great respect to Sant Sarwan Dass Ji and was very much impressed by Sant Sarwan Dass Ji’s personality and views.

             In 1952 Dr. Ambedkar visited Punjab. Sant Sarwan Dass Ji could not meet him personally but wrote a very moving letter to him.

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