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                The first spiritual Master of Dera Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Sachkhand Bal was Shri 108 Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji, who hailed from village Gill Patti, District Bathinda (Punjab). His original name was Shri Harnam Dass Ji. His parents were of a religious nature. He was married to Bibi Shobhawanti Ji. He and his wife had two sons named Shri Sewa Dass Ji and Shri Sarwan Dass Ji. After the sad demise of Bibi Shobhawanti Ji, Baba Pipal Dass Ji left village Gill Patti along with his son Sarwan Dass Ji. After traveling through various villages Baba Pipal Dass Ji reached village Sarmastpur near Jalandhar. After a short stay in this village he moved to the village of Ballan near Jalandhar. The people of Ballan showed utmost regard to Baba Ji. Therefore, he decided to stay there along with his son Sarwan Dass Ji at a place where the original Dera is situated at present. There was a dry Pipal tree near this place of worship. Baba Pipal Dass Ji started watering this Pipal tree which ultimately became green in due course of time. People of the village, having seen this miracle, started calling Baba Ji as Sant Pipal Dass Ji.

              He was a scholar of Punjabi and well-wersed in the Bani of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Slowly the people from nearby villages started coming to Baba Ji for spiritual guidance. Thus Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji established the Dera in the village where the followers of Guru Ravidass Ji started paying their obeisance. Throughout his life Sant Baba Pipal Dass Ji blessed his disciples with "Naamdaan" and fulfilled their wishes.


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Jai Guru Ravidass ji


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